(Media) Projects

Some media projects I've worked on:

African Tech Roundup Flagship Episodes

IGNITE 2019 Miniseries: Entrepreneurship & Job Creation in Fragile States

BBC Outlook: The rapper who woke up deaf

BBC Outlook: Flying my South African flag at the top of Everest

BBC Outlook: Fighting the apartheid my grandfather created

BBC Outlook: The barefoot tennis player who turned pro

BBC Outlook: Born the wrong colour - so I had to die

Afrobytes Tech Marketplace: Behind the Scenes with Andile Masuku at Afrobytes 2019 (Station F, Paris)

IGNITE 2018 Miniseries: Entrepreneurial Innovation and Human Resilience in Fragile States

Afrobytes Tech Marketplace 2018

VC4Africa Startup Academy


African Tech Round-up LIVE: State of the Startup

The #AndilesTake Podcast

The African Tech Conversations Series

The Quick (Tech) Chats Series

The Presentation Fix Podcast

Commissioned Animated Promo (Intelligent Routing)

It's My Biz TV Show

Claremont's Fresh Start Mini-documentary

The Hope Project Live Theatre & Recorded Soundtrack Project