Podcasts & Other Media Projects

These are podcasts I produce and host, as well as other notable media projects I've worked on:

BBC Outlook: Fighting the apartheid my grandfather created

BBC Outlook: The barefoot tennis player who turned pro

BBC Outlook: Extraordinary Personal Stories From Johannesburg

Afrobytes Tech Marketplace: Behind the Scenes with Andile Masuku at Afrobytes 2019 (Station F, Paris)

IGNITE 2018 Miniseries: Entrepreneurial Innovation and Human Resilience in Fragile States

Afrobytes Tech Marketplace 2018

VC4Africa Startup Academy


African Tech Round-up LIVE: State of the Startup

The #AndilesTake Podcast

The African Tech Roundup Podcast

The African Tech Conversations Series

The Quick (Tech) Chats Series

The Presentation Fix Podcast

Commissioned Animated Promo (Intelligent Routing)

It's My Biz TV Show

Claremont's Fresh Start Mini-documentary

The Hope Project Live Theatre & Recorded Soundtrack Project