Unpacking Facebook's Breach of Trust + Blockchain Straight Talk feat. Marvin Coleby of Raise Impact

It's fair to say that Facebook is the elephant in pretty much every room at the moment. In this month's instalment of the African Tech Roundup podcast, Marvin Coleby joins Musa Kalenga and me to factor in on some of the biggest tech and innovation headlines that have trended over the last month or so— not least, Facebook's diabolical data privacy gaffes.

Marvin is a venture lawyer who hails from The Bahamas and his startup, Raise Impact, is harnessing blockchain technology to build a tokenized impact exchange to democratise private investments made in companies based in emerging markets.

Listen in as Musa, Marvin and I wade through some of the more promising Africa-relevant blockchain and crypto developments happening around the world and grapple with the potentially problematic concept of “impact investment”.

First published in AfricanTechRoundup.com.

Image Credit: Thought Catalog