On Your Marks for 2018: Is the Lean Startup Approach Legit?

In the first full *African Tech Roundup* podcast of 2018, I mull over *Gefira Solutions* Founder and CEO [Bert Bruggeman](https://www.linkedin.com/in/bertbruggeman/)'s assertion that we can't just "app our way" to solving all of Africa's problems. [Click here](https://soundcloud.com/african-tech-round-up/bert-bruggeman-of-gefira-solutions-on-why-hardware-development-is-key?in=african-tech-round-up/sets/quick-chats) to listen to my full conversation with Bert. 

Then, I ponder which hybrid investment approaches might prove successful in fueling African startups in 2018, and echo questions posed by Seyi Fabode’s blog post entitled: “Is It Time To Dump The ‘Lean Startup’ Approach?”

Also in this episode, I give a quick update on the #NotOurManifesto dumpster fire that Co-Creation Hub Nigeria Co-founder Femi Longe lit late last year and share some encouraging news regarding the AfricaManifesto.com initiative that was subsequently launched. In case you're not familiar with this whole fiasco, here's the low-down.

First published in AfricanTechRoundup.com.